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Village Family Practice of Holly Springs is a medical practice founded by Dr. Steve Gallup to serve patients in Holly Springs and the surrounding communities. The practice is designed to be modern and efficient, and yet still serve patients with qualified, experienced, friendly, and responsive staff.

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Family Practice is a medical specialty that requires 3 years of additional training after completion of medical school. It also requires rigorous testing and continuing medical education for board certification.

Family medicine is focused on the care of everyone in the family including men and women, children and adults. We are trained to treat patients throughout the life span from birth until death. Consequently we are as concerned not only with the length of the patient's life, but also with the quality of the patient's life.

We emphasize regular visits in order to maintain health and prevent disease. We try to work for the patient; not on the patient. We are trained to provide advice and consultation, so that we can work as a team to keep you healthy.

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