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Discovery Health, a companion Web site to the Discovery Health television channel offers engaging and accessible information on most diseases and conditions. Learning areas include Diseases and Conditions, Fitness and Nutrition, Healthy Living, Mental Health, Pregnancy and Parenting, and Sex and Relationships. The site offers a variety of expert blogs as well as assessment tools and calculators for many conditions and health goals.

The New York Times Health Guide

The New York Times offers a comprehensive online compendium of medical topics, including thousands of in-depth articles on diseases, conditions, tests, symptoms, injuries and surgeries. Frequently updated, this reference is reviewed by doctors, medical writers and editors. Within the guide are extensive links to The Times's archive of news and features. The Times Guide also includes articles by reporters for The New York Times highlighting the latest news on the most common diseases and conditions.


WebMD provides quality, comprehensive health resources for consumers. The site includes news, chat forums, health quizzes and consumer product updates, as well as an online Personal Health Record accessible by authorized providers and approved by some health plans.

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