Clinical Policies

Referrals and Prior Authorization

Depending on your plan or policy, prior authorization may be required for some specialist visits, prescriptions, and certain diagnostic tests. We will always try to obtain prior authorization for your medication and for your medical care; but sometimes it is not possible to obtain medicine or services because of limits in your insurance plan or your prescription benefits.

Please realize that the patient is ultimately responsible to ensure that any such authorizations are indeed approved by your insurance company.

We are always willing to discuss ways to save expenses, including the use of generic alternatives to brand name medication.

Medical questions

We will reply to urgent questions immediately, and to non-urgent questions within 24 hours. If you would like to speak with a nurse or to the doctor, please contact us vby phone. We make every attempt to answer your calls by the fourth ring; but if we are unable to answer your call, please leave a message, so that we can call you back.

Physical, disability, and other medical forms

Some of these can be completed during an office visit at no charge. Forms for sports physicals, CDL physicals, and other physicals always require an office visit. Disability forms are most effectively completed after (rather than during) an office visit; but the office visit is extremely helpful in clarifying the duration, extent, and other details of the disability.

If you wish to have a form completed without a visit; this can be done for a fee, if you have been recently seen. Most forms will be completed for a $20 fee. Disability forms may be completed for a $40 fee, due to the time required and the need for a thorough chart review.

Work excuses

We will provide these at the time of the office visit only during your illness or injury. Please be sure to request the doctor's written excuse at the time of the office visit. Excuses can not be provided after the fact or retroactively.

Medical records

Each patient's medical record is confidential and will never be disclosed to another person without your consent. Records may be sent, with your consent, to other medical providers as a courtesy. You may review your medical records upon request. If you request a copy of your records, there is a charge of 75 cents/page for pages 1 to 25; 50 cents/page for pages 26 to 100; and 25 cents/page for every page over 100.

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