Prescription Policies


An office visit is often required to ensure that we are treating the correct problem. This is especially true for antibiotics, controlled substances, and for any new medications.

Prescription refills

Prescriptions are typically written at the time of your office visit, to ensure that the medicine is working, and that it is causing no harm. Patients on daily medicine should plan on regular visits as noted below:

For weight loss Every 3 months
For diabetes Every 3 to 6 months
For hypertension Every 6 months
For high cholesterol Every 6 months
Other daily meds At least once a year

If you are requesting a prescription for a medicine before another visit is needed, please phone your pharmacy. They will contact us directly, and we can review your chart. Please allow 48 hours for these requests.

Please note that we can not refill prescriptions written by other physicians.


We do treat patients for acute pain associated with injuries and illness, but we try to avoid narcotic use due to its potential to cause addiction. We do not give narcotic injections in the office.

Narcotics will not be prescribed for chronic pain. If you have chronic pain that requires treatment with narcotics, we recommend that you consult a pain clinic for care. We will be happy to refer you if there is ever such a need.

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